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Roommates get trapped in an argument when one of the trio decides to paint an old bench…art by committee.

Character Breakdown

2 Men, 1 Woman


Commissioned by The Drilling Company for While You Wait



 The Kraine Theatre, Chemical Imbalance (NYC), Oliver Butler, Director

Access Theater, Gallery Works (NYC), Bruce Merrill, Director

Access Theater, That Damn Dykstra (the boxed set) , Margarett Perry, Director

78th Street Theatre Lab, The Drilling Co.’s While You Wait, Margarett Perry, Director


“ Dykstra usually gives his sketches simple foundations: roommates debate how to paint the patio furniture…but each scene soon escalates through looping meta-logic and fast talk, frequently rising into an obsessive-compulsive delirium… Dykstra 's contentious creatures argue over "primary" versus "base coats" of paint, wonder if they can describe a mosaic as "Mexican-y," and catalog insults after a catfight ("You said 'witches' and followed it up with 'wenches'?").”

Village Voice

“The Committee is about friends who criticize projects or offer suggestions for different ways of doing it only after they've seen someone working on it. In this play, Matthew Boston is staring at a park bench when Brian Dykstra walks by. Not to let it go, Brian asks what he is doing. He finally answers, "Watching paint dry." What follows is a very funny exchange similar to a Seinfeld episode where the characters are arguing over not only what was said, but what they each felt was implied. They are joined at the end by a third friend (Sarah Baker), who, when asked how she was doing, responded with a very funny tirade.”

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