THAT DAMN DYKSTRA (the boxed set)

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A compilation of one acts, spoken word and monologues including Service Order, Motor Oil, The Committee, Spreading the Word, Smithfield & Cox, The Mean Queen & The Thief of Hearts, Just Say No and others.

Character Breakdown

2-3 Men, 2-3 Women



Access Theater (NYC), Margarett Perry, Director


“Brian Dykstra is working hard to turn ranting into a new genre, and if he succeeds comedy may not be safe…the word flow feels unstoppable… Dykstra displays striking comic powers… when Dykstra trains his accusatory eye and ear on the smug fools among us, he can make you think as hard as you laugh.”

The Village Voice

“Seinfeldian…Comedy with this kind of intelligence and edge would be right at home on the sharper satiric cable shows. Fans of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart will be pleased.”

“Brian Dykstra has more on his mind than garnering laughs.”

Electronic Link Journey

“Insane, Wacky, strange and downright hysterical.”

Gay City News

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