page 64

The Locals don’t know what to do. They’re being watched by everyone. Rob wishes he were anywhere else.


I’m going to finish eating. Then I’m going to pay. Then I’m leaving. And I promise, I have no interest in any of you gap-toothed ectomorphs as potential poofta partners. So pop a pill, Priscilla.

Mick gets back to eating. Rob sits across the table, wide-eyed, afraid of what’s coming. The Locals inch closer. Mick nods out the window. Rob looks out at TWO STATE TROOPERS getting out of their car. They enter. Mick glances at Rob, sipping coffee, superior smile. He saw them the whole time.

As the Troopers go to the counter, The Locals try to act casual. One Trooper orders coffee, the other takes a radio call. He taps his partner, who changes the order. The Waitress pours coffee into to-go cups and glances at Mick.

The Troopers head out. Mick & Rob watch them, forlorn. As the Locals see what’s happened they begin to marshal their forces again and creep closer. Rob has his head in his hands.


We are going to die in Utah.

Mick is at a loss. He wants to disappear. Rob is no help. When it looks most hopeless, A BEEFY TRUCKER steps up to the Locals. He looks them in the eye, a warning.


…Not today, ladies.

The nervous Locals size up the situation. Aware of someone behind them, Mick & Rob glance back where three more Truckers stand, defiantly, ready to come to their defense. The Locals slink out of the diner. The Beefy Trucker sits next to Mick. He sips Mick’s fresh coffee, adds sugar and takes another sip.


…That was brave. …And stupid.


Yeah, I—


Now, give us a kiss.