page 24

SCENE 8 (Alan, Jenifer, David) Aug. 16

(RINGING PHONE. Jenifer, wrapped in a sheet, just in time for the answering machine to kick in)

ALAN (v.o. on tape)

Hello, this is 695-4221. Neither Alan or Jenifer can come to the phone, right now but if you leave a message at the tone, we will get back to you. Thank you very much.

(answering machine TONE)

ALAN (over phone machine)

Hey, Jen. It's me. It's ten minutes to two, your time (ten minutes to one here) I guess you're not home yet…

(David enters, mostly naked)

…or maybe you're sleeping elsewhere this evening. I don't know. I called David to wish him a happy birthday, but he's not home either. Imagine that. I sent him a card…what did you get him? Ah…I'll be home on Tuesday. You have the flight information. Hope to see you at the airport–

JENIFER (picking up)


ALAN (over phone machine)

Oh, hi. Are you…I mean…I thought you weren't home.

(Jenifer stops the machine)


No, I was in…I was asleep.

(David exits into the bedroom)

I…Yes, we went out to dinner. I took him out to dinner for his birthday. …Who cares? …I don't know. I thought he was going home. Maybe he stopped somewhere for a drink. …Alan, how would I know that? Listen, I know– I k-…no, I know what you thought, that's why you're checking up on me. …You are too. …Yes, you are. Listen, I can't have this conversation, right now. …Because I can't. Because I'm so fuckin' sleepy, I just want to go back to bed. …Listen…Alan, I have to work tomorrow. I'll call…I'll call you from work. …No. …No. Stop, it's fine. …I'll call you tomorrow morning. …Before noon. I've got to get off the phone now…please… I know. I'll call you tomorrow. …I love you, too. …thank you. Yes. …Me too. …Okay– …Good-night.

(She hangs up the phone. She weeps)