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You got something else? I'll look.

JIM nods to CARL who moves to a portfolio.


The guys ran this by me this morning.

ANDREA glances over, surprised, but willing to play along.


I like it. It's not safe. We only have a mock up because I wasn't sure I was going to show you. But, what the hell.

CARL places a reasonably sharp four color printout on one of the easels and steps away. MASON studies the ad.

THE AD - A litter of kittens loll in a sleeping stupor around an oversized 40 oz. bottle of Big Dog Malt Liquor. An all-business Pit Bull glares directly into the camera from the behind the bottle and the sleeping kittens. The top caption reads: BIG DOG! The bottom caption reads: NOT FOR PUSSIES!

MASON continues to study the ad. A smile grows on his lips. He zeros in on ANDREA, trying to flirt with her:


Your idea?

ANDREA caught off guard, notices JIM, giving a nod of support. She looks right back into MASON'S eye. No bullshit.


…The caption is mine.

There is a moment of tension as no one is sure how to take that exchange. MASON finally grins, charmed.


I bet it was.

MASON studies the ad again, considering its ramifications. Tempted. CARL wants to say something. He looks to JIM who subtly shakes his head. CARL waits. Finally:


What can I say? You get the account.