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Seinfeld meets Waiting for Godot in this ferociously witty play on, about and exploding with language. Rusty and Max have been friends since grade school and they’ve been arguing almost the entire time. Today they're scheming up something big. Brian Dykstra’s signature style crackles in this uproarious romp through backyard suburbia where two (slightly above average) Average Joes spar in a relentlessly fanatical pursuit of what is said, what is intended, and what is.2M


While working on a next-generation weapon for the military, a scientist becomes unable to function normally with his family. His wife, convinced he's having an affair, sleeps with Andrew, the man assigned to facilitate her husband's work. Meanwhile, Andrew’s wife is representing a twenty-something accused of eco-terrorism for his role in trying to protect dolphins from a fishing fleet. When both couples converge on the same address, the players confront each other in a dangerous face-off. 3 M 3 F


An environmentalist's fight against a toxin-spreading megacorporation. Dykstra takes on corporate narcissism, the meaning of love, the corruption of politics and the elusiveness of enlightenment in this dark age of the almighty dollar. 2M, 1F





The latest uncensored solo tour de force from HBO def poet, award-winning playwright and actor, Brian Dykstra. The Village Voice says, "Brian Dykstra is working hard to turn ranting into a new genre, and if he succeeds, comedy may not be safe. He can make you think as hard as you laugh." You don't want to miss his latest exploration of the American condition. 


Brian Dykstra CORNERED & ALONE

a comedic rant of political proportions

The New Yorker called this solo work "A bitterly funny barrage of home truths about the plight of American liberals". Brian's aim: the keep Bush out of office for a second term. Result: Bush says in office and Brian ends up on watch lists.


A high school senior is suspended when he tries to burn an American flag for a school art fair project. Undeterred, he conspires with his classmate, a slam poet in trouble for an expletive-laden poem, to enter a controversial new piece, setting off a free-speech firestorm in a small Ohio town. EDUCATION is a provocative new play about two young people who fight for their right to express themselves in a society hostile to and fearful of change.



Forsaking All Others by Brian Dykstra

Alan is married to Jenifer, who is sleeping with David who is dating Chloe who is sleeping with Alan…Deceit, betrayal, vicious one-upmanship and marital infidelity are the bitter outcome when a group of young professional blur the boundaries between friendship, marriage and sexual conquest. 2 M 2 F



Although twin brother and sister, Troy and Honey, share an unusually strong bond, they seem as different as night and day. One late summer evening, a stranger wanders into their family-owned bar. When he starts asking personal questions, it soon becomes clear that his visit to this small-town dive has not been purely coincidental. The extent of his journey, it’s underlying motivation and the past horrors that have directed it provide a roller coaster of surprises that keep audiences on the edge of their seat until the plays final moments. 2 M 2 F


Dykstra turns the typical children's holiday story on its head in Act I with a Dr.Suess/Shel Silverstein-style poem about the commercialization of Christmas--Santa Claus sues the Jolly Green Giant for ownership of the phrase Ho! Ho! Ho!  It’s packed with holiday characters you’ll never forget.  The second act is the charming tale of a Vermont Christmas tree in the big city. And just as the Grinch's heart grew three sizes one night, so does Dykstra's flare for a heart-felt tale about the true meaning of the holidays. 1 M or F

The Jesus Factor


Brian Dykstra's rage ignites in The Jesus Factor, an uncensored, outrageously funny show about religious hypocrisy and power. His last solo show received was hailed by critics in New York, but did land him on several watch-lists including the NRA and Rush Limbaugh. The conservative talk show host put the word out against Dykstra as an "enemy"—but of course Limbaugh never actually saw the show.





A collection of scenes and monologues that explore (oh, I don’t know) just about everything. 3 M 2 F



Silence by Brian Dykstra SILENCE

Based on a true story, Silence, is the story of a group of “at risk” high school students at a summer arts camp in Fargo, North Dakota. With their teachers they explored how their challenges, fears and hopes could be discussed in the form of drama. One young man was put in the program after trying to kill himself over his fear of his father’s reaction to his homosexuality. Although he never told his father he was gay, he wrote a play as a way of coming out to his parents. His father never saw the play because the administration canceled the performance. They decided that the material was inappropriate. Children should not make fun of authority figures. Teenagers should not discuss homosexuality and should not think of or portray homosexual relationships as normal. Young adults should not use the word “God” except when praying or praising the Lord. And, of course, young men and women should never use words like hell and damn…but it may be OK to say bitch, slut and fag. This is a play about these kids and how they learned something that summer. 7 F 4 M



Spill the WineSPILL THE WINE

The enchanting and heartbreaking story of a woman forced to confront her own identity. Emma and her husband Page wrestle with the pain and confusion of her leaving him for a woman, when it seems that she discovers her true sexuality. Emma is faced with the reality of having to choose between the husband she knows she loves, and the new woman in her life. But when Page uncovers a secret, the characters are forced to confront the truth and what it really means to be in love.
1 M 4 F

Strangerhorse by Brian DykstraSTRANGERHORSE

STRANGERHORSE explores homophobia, racism, assimilation and trust through quick-fire dialogue and Dykstra’s signature edgy comedy. When white, 30-something hospital administrator, Zach, meets tough, black, 16-year old, T-Rex, the two make easy assumptions about each other. But the situation soon becomes anything but typical, and their chance encounter becomes a fateful reckoning for Zach, T-Rex and Zach’s boyfriend, Graham. An edge-of-your-seat affair with more than one issue, problem and life in the balance.

That Damn Dykstra by Brian Dykstra

A collection of scenes and monologues that explore (oh, I don't know) just about everything.



The Two Of You by Brian DykstraTHE TWO OF YOU

When a stranger comes to call, sparks fly and walls (including the fourth one) come tumbling down in this sophisticated and surprising love story. 1M, 2F



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ONE ACTS (partial list)


Commissioned by Access Theater for GalleryWorks2004: Will The Circle Be Unbroken. 2 M


The Committee by Brian Dykstra THE COMMITTEE

Roommates get trapped in an argument when one of the trio decides to paint an old bench…art by committee. 2 M, 1 F. Commissioned by The Drilling Company for WHILE YOU WAIT


Representatives of Six Government Agencies try to vie for credit while dodging any possible blame at a meeting to decode an intercepted suspected terrorist message. Naturally it all ends in disaster.
5M 1W. Commissioned by The Drilling Company for SECURITY


 Two guys aware they’re on stage debate what is pop culture, and how does what they’re doing (theatre) relate to it?  2M. Commissioned by The At Hand Theatre Company for POP 2.

I Am by Brian DykstraI AM

 play about Moses leading the Children of Israel out of Egypt. It’s a comedy. The Nile River thinks he’s a big shot, the Golden Calf is a Bitch! 2M 2F. Originally produced by West Bank Café Downstairs Theatre.

Lots Wife by Brian Dykstra LOT'S WIFE

Sodom & Gomorrah taunt and torture Lot and his wife. Not quite like the Bush Administration, because God (Sport) comes along to choke the life out of them.
3M 2W. Originally produced by New Voice Theatre at the Harold Clurman.




Futuristic Theocratic society where black people are so rare, the white men who meet one, don’t know how to behave. 3M. Commissioned by The Drilling Company for HEROES.


A slam in lyrical free fall… the tale of a tight-assed mythical queen who needs a good shag and Jimmy Jack Rude who comes to the rescue of the Queen and the failing kingdom…”things are a mess when a monarch’s distressed.” (also see under Spoken Word)  1 M. Commissioned by The Drilling Company for THEFT.


A kid who sets up an art project to burn an American Flag gets into trouble. This has become the first scene in a full length called Education. 2M . Commissioned by The Drilling Company for HONOR. Published by The New York Theatre Experience in: Plays and Playwrights 2005. Buy

Motor Oil by Brian Dykstra MOTOR OIL

A man is caught pouring motor oil around the base of a tree to kill it (make it easier to uproot)…clearing the area for a parking lot. 1 M 1 F. Commissioned by The Drilling Company for CONNECTIONS


A couple Gen-Y friends discuss the upside of capturing a photo of two famous vaginas on a camera phone. 1M 1W. Commissioned by The At Hand Theatre Company for POP.


An out-of-service staircase becomes the catalyst for a comic war of status and semantics in the workplace. 1 M 1 F. Commissioned by The Drilling Company for THE SERVICE PROJECT

One Act by Brian DykstraSMITHFIELD & COX

Commissioned for an evening of short plays based on Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. Commissioned by The More You Look Productions for THE MORE YOU LOOK. 2 M or F

One Act by Brian DykstraSPREADING THE WORD

Three women discover they’ve been seeing the same man. 3 F. Commissioned by The Drilling Company for THEFT


College Professors debating the relative morality of one of their colleagues sleeping with one of his students. The younger (male) teacher thinks something should be done. The Department Chair couldn’t disagree more. 1M 1W. Commissioned by The Drilling Company for REVENGE.  Buy

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Another Bed by Brian Dykstra

- a short film

A cautionary tale to women about the man as “dog.” Don’t let your girlfriend read it.



Amazombies by Brian Dykstra


(with David Levine & Kyle Shannon)

A tribe of big-breasted dead women feed on the blood of post ejaculatory men. At least things happen in the right order. Party.


20th Century FoX (Fox 2000)

A romantic comedy about competitive colleagues who make a bet on who’s going to fall in love first. With the other.


Best friends hit the road looking for a long lost love. When they find her she’s attracted to the wrong guy. Or is she?


Ten years after being Olympic teammates, two champions sign to face each other in the ring. They agree to let the promoter use racial elements to hype the fight. Then, they make the mistake of believing their own hype.


Screen adaptation of the play. Alan is married to Jenifer, who is sleeping with David who is dating Chloe who is sleeping with Alan…Deceit, betrayal, vicious one-upmanship and marital infidelity are the bitter outcome when a group of young professional blur the boundaries between friendship, marriage and sexual conquest.


An artist (and father of three) on the verge of his first artistic success has to deal with the sins of his past. He has twelve hours to make his old running mates leave him alone. Or disappear.


Viet Nam, Puget Sound, Jungle Firefights, Salmon Fishing. The past haunts the present as two old war buddies work things out.


Kaitlin and Glen almost have an affair. In their guilt they confess to their partners who are convinced the confession is their way of tricking then into admitting the long-term affair they’ve been having. If hilarity ensues, it’s because you like your romantic comedies a little nasty.


Virally Implanted Reality Transceiving Unified Enzyme. It’s a bio chip. And it’s in your brain.


Tyler Paige saves the life of a New York mob boss. His old partners in law enforcement want him to infiltrate the family. He does, but not for them.

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HBO Def Poetry Season 6

This acclaimed series showcases practitioners of one of the country's fastest-rising performing-art forms, Def Poetry, in an intimate, uncensored format.
DVD: Available at


(2001-2002) Emmy Nomination


Martin Luther King Peabody Museum Yale University Invitational Poetry Slam, Second Place
New Hampshire Theatre Award for Best Original Production for Clean Alternatives
Fringe First Award for Clean Alternatives at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe
National Theatre Conference's Barrie & Bernice Stavis Playwrighting Award for Hiding Behind Comets
The Vault End of the World as We Know It
Tuscon Slam Poetry Competition
Lester Bangs Award for Excellence in First Person Journalism
He DID NOT win the Rosenthal New Play Award

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