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A slam in lyrical free fall… the tale of a tight-assed mythical queen who needs a good shag and Jimmy Jack Rude who comes to the rescue of the Queen and the failing kingdom…”things are a mess when a monarch’s distressed.”

Character Breakdown

1 Man




TheatreMasters (Aspen, CO)

The Marquee/PSNBC (NYC)

The Kraine Theatre (NYC)

The Pittsburgh Public Theater Cabaret

Access Theater in That Damn Dykstra (the boxed set)

78th Street Theatre Lab in The Drilling Co.’s Theft

All performances directed by Margarett Perry


“ Dykstra opens with a slam in lyrical free fall, in which he spins the tale of Jimmy Jack Rude's come-ons to a Mean Queen. In red trench coat and wraparound shades, Dykstra nods to each character as he rides the rhymes; as Jimmy whispers entreaties into the Queen's ears, Dykstra glides into a soft scat and the word flow feels unstoppable.”

Village Voice

“a mesmerizingly lyrical rap style monologue story…Brian recites the story, superbly timed with the pace of a poetry jam, and acts all the parts about a Queen whose country is going to ruin until a Don Juan type appears to rescue both the Queen and the country.”

“ Dykstra opens the show with a vivid performance of the first monologue, 'The Mean Queen and the Thief of Hearts.' He bursts onto the stage, telling the sultry, romantic tale in the style of a spoken-word artist who has been traveling the world for years to hone his skills. Before the audience has time to decide whether they like Dykstra or not, he has already swept them away. Bringing the power of his work to life with magnificent storytelling, Dykstra alters the mood and the moment simply by changing the rhythm of his words. Even if he stood in one place, he would still capture everyone's attention.”

Washington Square News

“funny, sharp-edged”

Pittsburg Post-Gazette

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