Kitchen Theatre CompanyThe Kitchen Theatre Company announces TWO Dykstra plays in their 2008-2009 Season!

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Brian Dykstra SELLING OUT



Brian Dykstra SELLING OUT

named one of the Top Ten L.A. Theatre Productions in 2013 by the Huffington Post..





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Two of You

The Two of You

by Brian Dykstra

Directed by Margarett Perry

Matthew Boston
Heather Frase
Nance Williamson

August 20 to September 21, 2008

When a stranger comes to call, sparks fly and walls (including the fourth one) come tumbling down in this sophisticated and surprising love story.


A Play On Words

A Play On Words

by Brian Dykstra

Rusty and Max have been friends for most of their lives, and they've been arguing almost the entire time. Today they're scheming up something big. A comedic, relentlessly fanatical pursuit of what is said, what is intended, and what is right.





“Each new season signals excitement at the Kitchen Theatre Company. Ideas have been bouncing around for months, and when it all comes together it’s like a wonderful dessert. We hope you’ll join us again for more important conversations in our 18th Season.”
- Rachel Lampert, Artistic Director

Def Poetry Jam 6HBO Def Poetry Season 6 is available on DVD featuring Dykstra’s performance of “Pushing Bush.” This acclaimed series showcases practitioners of one of the country's fastest-rising performing-art forms, Def Poetry, in an intimate, uncensored format. Taped before a live audience at The Supper Club in NYC, Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry is hosted by popular rap artist/actor Mos Def, and spotlights original material performed by contemporary poets and well-known music/comedy artists.

"Exuberant, daringly fresh series that breaks poetry out of the neat little boxes it's so often put in"

- The New York Times

"A grand slam"

- New York Daily News

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You Tube video: HBO "Def Poets On Def Poetry" Season 6 Special


The Jesus Factor on DVD

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Warning: Purchasing this DVD may land you on a “watch-list.”


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See Brian's webshow, Counter Intelligence, on the RudeCast channel.

Counter Intelligence

DEF Poetry

See Brian's performance of “Pushing Bush” on HBOs DEF POETRY on the Rants page. Visit HBO's Def Poetry.




Brian Dykstra with Dave ChappelleBrian can be seen on Comedy Central's The Chappelle Show on Best of Season 1 & 2 DVD's. Pictured at left are Patrick Frederic, Dave Chappelle & Brian at the Comedy Central premiere party.


Portrait of Brian

by Alexandra Lynch

ALEX SAYS… Get Mad AND Laugh With Brian Dykstra

Out and About
“Cornered & Alone”

I admit it, I've got the "I hate Bush and I'm gonna make a movie about it" blues. Months ago I lined up to see (and closed my eyes during half of) "Fahrenheit 9/11". Then came "The Control Room," a better film to my mind, though lacking in Moore's oomph. I'm glad I saw both, and ditto that they're out there truth-telling. Praise be. I haven't yet seen "The Corporation" or "Outfoxed" or any of the other clique of preaching-to-the-choir documentaries. I was this close with the first, then heard about its ungodly length (2 1/2 hours) and punked out. And Fox makes me craaazy ... so as I was saying, I've hit a wall. Must. Take. Break.

Or so I thought. Al ong comes Brian Dykstra 's off-Broadway "Cornered & Al one," a one-man show mostly about the hideousness of our present government. He's a ranter, no doubt, but he's so playful and verbally skilled (watch out for the amazing, breakneck poetry), and so spot-on that I left the theater high-fiving my friends and wanting more. This guy's a serious talent -- go so you can say you knew him when.

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