Education, Brian Dykstra’s new play, is an incendiary investigation into censorship, free speech and responsibility in electric theater. You will find yourself more stimulated by this play of ideas than by any drama in recent memory.”

- Theatre Scene

Clean Alternatives at the Kitchen Theatre Company

"An exhilarating revival…much of Dykstra’s work combines a certain misanthropic fatalism and rage with a steel spine of hope. His voice is urgent, but not in the end, didactic. If he has a model it is neither Stoppard, nor Mamet (the business macho aside), but George Bernard Shaw, the great fashioner of the comic theatrical dialectic. Every character gets a convincing argument. And the triumphant male gets hoisted on his petard by the savvy female."

- Ithaca Times

Brian Dykstra Selling Out

Brian Dykstra Selling Out at Barrow Street Theatre, Whitefire Theatre, Playroom Theatre, Mark Twain House, Franklin & Marshall College, Dorset Theatre Festival, Kitchen Theatre

“Dykstra manages to bring together all his loose ends. His earlier rants against the injustices wrought by those who worship money were coupled with the repeated question, ‘Why don't we do something about this?’ In the last of several spot-lit poetic interludes that punctuate his performance Dykstra movingly explains that we should oppose the influence of money, not because God loves us, but because of our love for one another. ‘We are,’ he says, ‘worth it.”

– Ithaca Times

HO by Brian Dykstra

HO! at The Drilling Company Theatre

“Ho! is actually a two-for-one proposition. In Act I, the commercialization of Christmas hits an all-time high-low point when Santa and his lawyers launch a nasty branding dispute. In Act II, we meet a fine Vermont pine tree named Sammy who awaits his destiny on a holiday-time sidewalk.”

City’s Best, Top 5 Holiday shows in NYC


HO! at The Kitchen Theatre Company

“Santaland Diaries move over; there’s another seasonal satire on the Christmas stage!”

Ithaca Journal

Brian Dykstra's A Play on Words

A PLAY ON WORDS at 59E59 Theaters Americas Off Broadway Festival

“It goes great places!
As his two characters quibble endlessly about definitions and word choices, Dykstra sneaks in some incisive political commentary and arrives at conclusions both commonly held and rarely spoken…It's a grim play with a happy face, and when it really gets down to business, it makes an uncomfortable amount of sense.”


A Play on Words by Brian Dykstra

A PLAY ON WORDS at The Kitchen Theatre Company

"Dykstra outdoes himself here. The rapidity and studied verbal miscues will remind old timers of classic Abbott and Costello routines, but the dissection of everyday expression sounds like vintage George Carlin."

Syracuse New Times

Hiding Behind Comets by Brian Dykstra

HIDING BEHIND COMETS at Nicu’s Spoon Theatre

“A dark, gritty story with its full measure of sex, violence, profanity and general nastiness.”

New York Times

The Two of You by Brian Dykstra

THE TWO OF YOU at The Kitchen Theatre Company

“As the emotional stakes increase, there's barely chance to catch one's breath - especially since the play's momentum is propelled by that signature DYKSTRAVAGANT LOVE OF LANGUAGE. Lots of it, delivered by thinking characters whose mouths move as fast as their minds. Lest this sound overwhelming, be assured it's also very clever, very funny, and tenderly human - this is a love story that has to reinvent itself.”

Ithaca Journal

Spill the Wine

SPILL THE WINE at TBG Theatre (GayFest NYC)

“What elevates Spill the Wine is Dykstra's unabashed adoration of language and its infinite uses. The words that spring from his characters' mouths bite, bark, stab, comfort, punish, console, cuddle, and entertain, often switching permutations within a matter of seconds. And although most of the dialogue is laden with quotable one-liners, it is when he lets his characters breathe into minutes-long monologues that Dykstra truly revels in his talent as a wordsmith.” (Critics Pick)

The Jesus Factor

Brian Dykstra THE JESUS FACTOR at Barrow Street Theatre

Has also been performed at Comix in NYC, the Whitefire Theatre in Los Angeles, The Kitchen Theatre Company in Ithaca, and Ohio University.

“Dykstra Strikes Again!
The Jesus Factor is must-see theatre for every concerned citizen, regardless of their political leanings...engaging in every sense of the word!”

Critics Pick,

Clean Alternatives

CLEAN ALTERNATIVES, Yellow Taxi Productions (Nashua, NH)

Winner New Hampshire Theatre Award

 “Every element clicks in 'Clean Alternatives'---The message transcends environmentalism to attack a bigger picture, the corporate-government amalgamation that controls the puppet strings and sets and then bends the rules by which everyone else unwittingly plays.”

Nashua Telegraph

Hiding Behind Comets

HIDING BEHIND COMETS at Birmingham Theatre Festival

“Dykstra uses the [Jim] Jones backdrop to touch on a number of serious topics, from the closeness of twins (can one really feel the other's pain?) to whether genes make some children inherently evil.”

The Birmingham News

Stranger Horse

STRANGERHORSE at the Kitchen Theatre Company

"Brian Dykstra already has an international reputation, well-grounded on his surpassing verbal pyrotechnics and an almost Hitchcockian sense of how an everyday encounter can be rewritten to rattle your timbers. Dykstra is not one of those playwrights who thinks that the American theater is supposed to be an aspirin for the middle class."

Syracuse New Times

Clean Alternatives by Brian Dykstra

CLEAN ALTERNATIVES at the Kitchen Theatre Company

"Many playwrights have been trying to reinvent the American language on stage, starting with David Mamet, whose Speed-The-Plow (1988) is kind of predecessor to this play. You hear it also in Aaron Sorkin's new TV series Stuido 60 On The Sunset Strip. Brian Dykstra exceeds them both in bringing vernacular poetry alive." 

Syracuse New Times

Clean Alternatives wins fringe

CLEAN ALTERNATIVES at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

“At last! A real, grown-up American play!"

4starsThe Guardian

4stars Winner Fringe First Award 4stars

Hiding Behind Comets

HIDING BEHIND COMETS at Zeitgeist Stage, Boston

"A nail-biting, edge-of-you-seat drama…You'll be hard-pressed to find a more riveting two hours of theater in Boston. It doesn't get much better than this!"

Nick Dussault, Boston Metro


Clean Alternatives

CLEAN ALTERNATIVES a Fresh Ice production at 59E59 Theatres (Off-Broadway)

"Brian Dykstra wields a monologue like a sword!

Mark Blankenship, Variety

Hiding Comets

HIDING BEHIND COMETS at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park

"A riveting edge-of-the-seat affair shot through with sex, violence and narrative thrills.  Hiding Behind Comets will show up again somewhere soon and it will sell a lot of tickets."

Chris Jones, Variety (Cincinnati Playhouse production)

HIDING BEHIND COMETS at 29th Street Rep, New York

“Tense barroom thriller… Sexually charged… Fiery… Mesmerizing… Riveting”

Marilyn Stasio, Variety



a comedic rant of political proportations

"One Off Broadway production you can be sure Republicans won't be flocking to is "Brian Dykstra: Cornered & Alone," but Democrats and environmentalists are going to find Mr. Dykstra 's EXHILARATING one-man show INTOXICATING and enormously satisfying."

The New York Times

That Damn Dykstra  by Brian Dykstra

THAT DAMN DYKSTRA (the boxed set)

“Brian Dykstra is working hard to turn ranting into a new genre, and if he succeeds comedy may not be safe…”

The Village Voice

Strangerhorse  by Brian Dykstra

STRANGERHORSE at Access Theater

“…picture perfect play…more explosive than fireworks on the pier.”

Next Magazine

Silence  by Brian Dykstra

SILENCE at College of the Holy Cross

Has also been performed at The Stella Adler Conservatory and the At Hand Theatre Company.

Another Bed  by Brian Dykstra

ANOTHER BED (short film)

Forsaking All Others  by Brian Dykstra

FORSAKING ALL OTHERS at Pentameters Theatre (London), Access Theater (New York), Powerhouse Theatre (Los Angeles)

“A dizzying free-fall both fascinating and sickening to watch.”

Los Angeles Times

Sex Religion  by Brian Dykstra

SexReligionPoliticsIsolationLove&Rage Straight Up/Water Back at West Bank Cafe

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