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Commissioned for an evening of short plays based on Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle.

Two actors argue over whether or not their performances change based on who’s in the house.

Character Breakdown

2 Men/Women


Commissioned by Holly Cate for The More You Look Productions


Access Theater, in The More You Look, Holly Cate, Director

Access Theater, in That Damn Dykstra (the boxed set), Margarett Perry, Director

The Sande Shurin Theatre (curtain opener), Cindy Fulchino, Director


“Catch the first ten minutes of the evening: the humorous, mini-play before the play”

Jen Hendricks, Show Business

“When his compulsive characters find the right words and rhythm, their verbal flights take off in psychological, political, and just plain pathological directions—leaving some badly skewered subjects in their wake.”

Village Voice

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