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Three women discover they’ve been seeing the same man.

Character Breakdown

3 Women


Commissioned by The Drilling Company for THEFT


Access Theater, That Damn Dykstra (the boxed set) Margarett Perry, Director

78th Street Theatre Lab, The Drilling Co.’s Late Night Theft Catherine Miller & Margarett Perry, Co-Directors

Florida Studio Theatre, Tom Demekoff, Director


Spreading the Word is about three women (Cynthia Babak, Sarah Baker, and Vickie Tanner) sitting around and comparing notes about their common two-timing mutual ex-boyfriend. It is reminiscent of a Sex in the City episode.”

Jack Quinn, TheatreScene.net

“ Dykstra usually gives his sketches simple foundations: roommates debate how to paint the patio furniture; women skewer a common ex in a clinic waiting room; actors argue about a performance. But each scene soon escalates through looping meta-logic and fast talk, frequently rising into an obsessive-compulsive delirium…("You said 'witches' and followed it up with 'wenches'?").”

Village Voice

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