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"That signature DYKSTRAVAGANT love of language!---Very clever, very funny, and tenderly human - this is a love story that has to reinvent itself."

Ithaca Journal

"See 'The Two of You' with a friend and you'll be talking about it for a long time."

Ithaca Times

Two of You

by Brian Dykstra

Directed by Margarett Perry

Matthew Boston
Heather Frase
Nance Williamson




"[A] zany, delightful flight! Heartwarming! Hilarious! A glorious play!"

Tompkins Weekly

"The Two of You
touches the heart and the mind. It makes you rethink cliches about love and even more those about the theater."

Syracuse New Times

The Two of You by Brian Dykstra

Two of You


Kitchen Theatre Company
Two Of You Two Of You
Two Of You  


When a stranger comes to call, sparks fly and walls (including the fourth one) come tumbling down in this sophisticated and surprising love story.

Character Breakdown

1 Men, 2 Women



Kitchen Theatre Company (Ithaca, NY), Margarett Perry, Director

Know Theatre, Binghamton City Stage, Jim Gormley, Director


The Lark Play Development Center Studio Retreat


The Lark Play Development Center


"On one level, The Two of You is a glorious play about creating plays, about how all the technical issues encountered in writing the script collide with the growing reality of these fictional beings who absurdly begin acting as if they are actually flesh and blood; as if what happens to them really matters. On another level it is about the terror that lurks in the very sinew of our closest relationships, that wounded place where we fear we no longer matter, aren't sexy or challenging enough for our lover, or even worse, wonder if they feel they gave something important up to stay with us. That they live in that illogical, bitter, frozen land of regret."

Tompkins Weekly

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